Radio Free Biker

Producer and Host Joe McDonough

History Radio Free Biker started out in 2005 and ran as a weekly pod cast. As a after of fact when the whole podcasting technology was coming online Radio Free Biker became the first motorcycle based pod cast. Podcasting itself stemmed from blogging programs which went from text only blogs to audio and video blogging. Today most every terestial radio stations all use podcasting for archiving their individual shows.

In 1992 in Los Angels years before Radio Free Biker Joe started up a precursor motorcycle radio show known as the original Bikers of America show which is not to be mistaken by a current radio show with the same name. At the time Joe developed a segmented format that would feature news, guest interviews, maintenance tips, and event updates. The LA show lasted for only a couple months but was dropped due to a lack of ratings.

Then in San Francisco 2005 while Joe was prospecting for the Barbary Coast Motorcycle Club, Joe got heavily involved with the Northern California biker community and now with the tools of the internet Joe decided that instead of trying to get his motorcycle show on a radio station he decided to set up a web site and took his format online. Before long the Radio Free Biker site picked up thousands of hits from around the world. Joe then brought on fellow Barbary Coast member Bretton Newsome who read off motorcycle related news. In April of 2005 Joe met up with Frank Mazur a local motorcycle mechanic and former champion flat track motorcycle racer. With his witty, funny personality Frank brought a lot of life and laughs to the she show Along with his humor Frank was very knowledgeable when it came to motorcycle maintenance.

Along with the weekly radio show Joe and Frank made appearances at numerous biker events and rallies such as the Redwood Run, July 4th Hollister Rally and the annual Glendale Love Ride interviewing music artists such as Cheap Trick, Jimmy Vand Zandt, and tv and film stars such as Peter Fonda, Paul Sr. and his sons from American Chopper and former late night host Jay Leno. Radio Free Biker has also help sponsored a fundraiser for the victims of Hurrican Katrina.

In 2008 Radio Free Biker went on hiadus as Joe began pursuing another motorcycle media project. Sadly in 2009 Frank Mazur passed away from a heart condition. With requests from friends and family as well as seeing some signs coming down the road that may effect the biker community as we know Joe decided it might be time to start the show back up again.


Although Radio Free Biker is primarily geared for the Harley culture, from time to time, our shows will cover other aspects of the motorcycle world such as the street bike scene, super moto, AMA events and more. At times Radio Free Biker will cover legal and legislative issues that may effect the motorcycle community, but over all RFB is an A-Political show that is neither Left nor Right but instead riding the center line specifically focusing on motorcycles .

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