Radio Free Biker

Producer and Host Joe McDonough

After several years being on hiatus, and after constant requests, Radio Free Biker is back riding the information super highway! For those of you new to show, this is a multi segment talk show for and about the biker community. We will feature current news, special guest interviews, mechanic topics, on location shows, event recaps as well as upcoming calendar announcements.

Although Radio Free Biker is primarily geared for the Harley culture, from time to time, our shows will cover other aspects of the motorcycle world such as the street bike scene, super moto, AMA events and more. At times Radio Free Biker will cover legal and legislative issues that may effect the motorcycle community, but over all RFB is an A-Political show that is neither Left nor Right but instead riding the center line specifically focusing on motorcycles.

Radio Free Biker ©2005

This month the RFB hour will be featuring Robbie Smart, National President of the Patriot Guard Riders

To learn more about Patriot Guard Riders click on the image above.

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On this episode of Tool Talk, co host Todd Chamberlain who will discuss chain and belt drives..